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NextGen Web Development is a Website Development & Web design Company in Charlotte NC. Building beautiful fully custom and responsive websites for our clients. We strive to make our clients sites stand out & impress their users. While bringing them the most user friendly responsive designs making business for you easier.

Steps To Design

NextGen Web Development’s steps to designing you and your company the perfect website.



A meeting is held in person or on a Skype call to discuss your websites needs, what you want to achieve with it (we will give input to help if needed) as well as learning about your company or brand to represent it well.

Step #1



We come up with a few design to reflect your brand and present it to you for approval and edits. Feel free to give any ideas you may have on your mind we’re all ears and here to make your companies vision come true.

Step #2


When we have your approval on all page designs, It’s time to begin the building phase! You will be amazed at how fast we are able to put everything together and how beautifully and well integrated it all comes together!

Step #3


During the testing stage we package up your site and deploy it to one of our dedicated servers to test processing speeds as well as optimization to guarantee fast response times to prevent your customers from getting frustrated due to slow load times from other hosting services.

Step #4


Once the website has been tested we invite you to take a look at your website either via Skype or in person. This stage is used to get any comments or edit requests that you may have to perfect your website to your liking! Requests are typically info changes such as the company getting a new phone number.

Step #5


3.2.1 We Have Lift Off! After edits & comment requests from the presentation stage have been added its time for your sites launch! Your website will be live for the world to see, responsive for all users, optimized for all user types giving your company the spotlight in the online world it deserves.

Step #6

Our Services

Looking for a new website or to have yours upgraded? Checkout the services we offer at an unbeatable rate! If you don’t see what you’re looking for visit our services page to see all the services we offer. Contact us and we will be more then happy to see what we can do for you!


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Why Choose Us?

We believe in quality not quantity at NextGen Web Development. We don’t wanna impress you…. We want to knock your socks off! Giving your brand or company the online spotlight it deserves.

Every Job Is Personal

If you want the quality and service you would expect from a web development company you hire, but with a more personal connection, you have found it here with NextGen Web Development. With 24/7 Support.

Modern Technologies

NextGen Web Development uses the most current up-to-date software and development methods to give your website the extra boost in ingenuity to set your brand or company apart from the rest.

Professional Standards

NextGen Web Development is capable of providing service to any type of client; whether you’re a sole proprietor, corporation or local business. We will take care of all your needs, giving you the fastest, easiest online web solution!

Our Mission

Here at NextGen Web Development it’s our mission to bring you as a client into the online realm populating your brand or business. Connecting you with people all around the world, and giving your company the online representation it deserves.


Why are websites important?
Websites are important now more than ever due to the relevancy they now play in todays high tech society. Lets face it, if someone mentions something we’re curious about what do we do? We search it up online.
Why do I need a website?
Websites are the best place to display company information to customers. They help save you time and money, think about how much you pay your employees and they only work 8 hours a day. A website works 24/7 365 and is a great tool to help educate and direct your customers.
How are websites priced?
Our websites are priced on a few different factors. The main difference is whether you need a website or web application. To learn more about our pricing view our pricing page.

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Here at NextGen Web Development we strive to make our clients sites stand out & impress their clientele, while bringing them the most user friendly environments making business for you easier.

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